Beat “Hockey Puck Lock”

The fire service is constantly adapting to business changes.

One of those is the American 2000 high security lock. Also known as the “Hockey Puck Lock” due to its round shape, it’s one of those difficult locks. You will soon have to force one if you don’t already have one.

When confronted with the American 2000, conventional forcible entry methods are not always effective. This lock requires special training for crews who attempt to force it.

This month’s drill will focus on three ways to defeat the hockey puck lock.

Method 1: Attack the Hasp

Sometimes locks can be more powerful than the things they are attached to. This is especially true for the hockey puck lock. Many people don’t realize that they are installing a $75 lock on a $5 havep. That can be the key to our entry.

It is worth taking the time to inspect all areas where you plan to force entry. Do not get too focused on the hockey puck lock. The hasp may be all you need.

Depending on the weight and size of the hasp you might be able force it out of the door with conventional forcible entry methods using a set irons.

A rotary saw fitted with a metal-cutting knife may be the best way to enter a hasp. You should make as few cuts as possible to the hasp.

Keep in mind: If you attack the hasp, it will save you from having to cut off the hockey puck lock.

Method 2: Force the Hockey Puck lock

You may have to remove the puck lock from a reinforced gate or heavy-duty door if it is attached.

It is important to distinguish whether the lock is covered or protected. It doesn’t need protection so it can be forced with a standard pipe wrench and a cheater pipe.

Take a firm bite on the puck lock, forcing it down and breaking the hasp eye.

Method 3: Slice through the Lock

American 2000 locks can be enclosed within a section pipe to protect or guard them. This leaves only the front and keyway exposed. This guard will stop you from using the pipe wrench to strike down on the lock.

Cutting is the fastest and most efficient way to defeat a puck lock guarded. Most locks can be easily removed by a rotary saw fitted with a high-quality, metal-cutting knife.

Locate the keyway first. Cut about three-quarters of the way up the lock, in the opposite direction to the keyway. Use the saw to cut through the lock and guard completely. You should be able to cut through the American 2000 pin and cause damage to the hasp eye.

Last Word Of Hockey Puck Lock

Responders not equipped to deal with the American 2000 can face real difficulties. Make sure you identify all buildings that have s in your area. Next, train your crew on how to defeat them.