What are “Hockey Shorts” Pants?

Hockey shorts pants – also known as shorts in Europe – make up part of the complete equipment used by all levels of ice hockey players.

  • They are called simply “pants” in North America.
  • Hockey shorts pants cover the thighs of a hockey player and their waist.
  • The pants have a nylon exterior with firm padding inside.

On the front thigh areas of the pantlegs, heavy pads are included. Also, padding is included in the waistband. To allow for greater mobility, the rest of the pants have less padding. Different types of pants provide different levels of padding. Pro-level pants provide more protection from harder shots than entry level ones.

The pantlegs’ backs are not padded. You should not turn your back towards a player trying to pass the puck to you.

You will be protected from any shot hitting your upper leg by the front padding of your pants. Shin pads are similar and absorb the brunt of any puck that strikes your front lower leg.

Hockey shorts pants are worn over the jockstrap or athletic supporter. They cover the top of the hockey socks, which are pulled over the shin pads.

Some players attach their socks using Velcro to their athletic supporter. Others use sock tape or clip to keep them up. Both methods are covered under the Shorts.

Because shin and knee protectors are bulky, Shorts pants were first worn. This would mean that the pants would be too tight and long, which would limit mobility while skating.

What should hockey shorts pants fit?

The Hockey Shorts Pants are tight around the waist but looser around the thighs. The pants are kept in place at the waist, but allow for maximum mobility while skating.

Shorts can be worn loosely around the waist until they are secured with a strap belt or tie.

The knee cap of your shin pads should be at the bottom of your pantlegs.

Shorts that are too long can cause a dreadful look and hinder your ability to skate.

Shorts pants that are too short will expose too much of your thighs. This could be dangerous as it would expose your unprotected thigh and legs to sticks, pucks, and even skate blades.

When standing, ensure your pants reach the top of your shin pad’s knee cap.

You are better to go slightly too long than too short for hockey shorts pants.

Are Players Known to Wear Long Pants?

Although long Hockey Shorts Pants are available, they have a restricted range of motion. Because long pants are more snugly fitted around the knees and around the thighs, this is possible.

In roller hockey, long pants are common. Sometimes, players in casual ice hockey leagues wear them.

Some leagues don’t require their players to wear all the equipment. These leagues may allow players to wear long pants, similar to the ones that referees wear. However, these leagues are rare. Referees do wear long pants. These pants don’t cover the regulation hockey shin pads. Referee pants are usually made with a smaller amount of padding than hockey shorts.