How to nail your first fantasy football dynasty or keeper draft

How to nail your first fantasy football dynasty or keeper draft

Fantasy Football Dynasty It’s like stepping into a new frontier. New frontiers can be daunting. Your team’s future will depend on the decisions made on draft day, unlike previous redraft league seasons.

Your first dynasty or keeper draft goal is to simultaneously build a team that can compete in the current season as well as a foundation for future seasons. It is not an easy task. These are some tips to help you win your first dynasty draft or keeper draft. FantasyPros has an expert consensus dynasty ranking that you can consult on draft day.

Be present, but think for the future

Redraft leagues didn’t require you to plan too far ahead. Only think about how a player can help you in the current season. Your rental ended after Week 17.

It takes a deeper level to think about a dynasty league or keeper league. You need a balanced roster that includes both veteran players and young stars. You should try to get as many studs as possible, but don’t be afraid of taking a chance on second-year pros and rookies.

Once I have fantasy football dynasty established my starting lineup, key reserves, and my secondary reserves, my late-round lottery ticket picks are made. These picks are mainly made up of second-year or first-year players with long-term upside.

A veteran may give you a greater boost in the short-term, for example, than a rookie wide receiver. You’re better off focusing on high-upside rookies, as veterans could be entering their final years. These younger prospects have more long-term potential, if nothing else.

Make a cheat sheet keeping this idea in mind before you start your draft. While the proven studs should always be at the top of your rankings, don’t hesitate to raise younger players you feel have potential. This is especially important in future dynasty drafts, where the best players are likely to be off the board.

Draft Capital

Draft picks are highly sought after in real leagues of sports, and will be more valuable in fantasy leagues. You can think more like a professional general manger by using keeper and dynamic leagues.

Is there anyone on the board that would be willing to trade down for your current pick? Trade down with another owner, and keep those draft assets. When I trade down, I search for owners who are looking to fill starter slots or fall in love with certain players still on the board. Profit from the owner’s desperate situation and get as much draft capital possible.

Stock Up on Rookie Draft Picks

The best way to ensure your team’s future success is to get as many rookie draft picks possible.

Although rookies may seem like a risky investment in redraft leagues and are not recommended for dynasty or keeper formats, they can be a valuable resource. Your fantasy teams require a steady stream of cheap, young talent, just like a professional franchise.

Always ask for rookie picks when trading down on draft day. If they are desperate, the owner of the trade will not place much value on you.

Wait on Quarterback

Redraft leagues and Dynasty formats share one thing in common: they always wait for the quarterback. Patrick Mahomes is a great building block for your franchise. Is Mahomes really worth the price?

Instead, you should wait for the quarterback market to develop. The most sought-after position in fantasy football is running back. Your league friends may overpay for their quarterbacks. Instead, take advantage of these opportunities to buy young tailbacks with bell-cow potential. Your fellow owners will soon be looking for running backs and receivers. This is when you can make a deal to add draft assets.

I recommend that you draft a pair of quarterbacks who have strong upside. I like to pair one veteran with a young passer with lots of upside. You could stream at quarterback depending on the league format.

The deepest position in fantasy football is the quarterback. This means that you have to be flexible about how you address the position. Worst-case scenario: You’ll find a starter that can deliver 75% of Mahomes’s performance at a lower cost. You can land a future star in the position for a tremendous value over many years.

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