What’s wrong with “target” golf?

We are happy to welcome you to A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Course Design. We will be discussing the history, design and meanings of terms that are used in golf course architecture. We will also help you recognize these target features so you can plan your next attack.

Why should I choose a target for each shot instead?

That’s the short answer to your question. Your swing should indicate where you want to hit it. However, golf is not the same thing. It is the exact location where the ball will rest after it hits the ground. This category includes PGA Tour datrek bag golf due to its soft courses, highly skilled players and other factors.

The average PGA Tour player’s shot path and length allows them to ignore the ground game.

Course conditions can facilitate this behavior. Wind and other factors may force players in Scotland and Ireland to keep the ball closer to the ground.

Experts agree target golf is easier than playing ground game. Better players may find it difficult to hit the target because of slower ball speeds.

Target Golf

Target Golf can be played by teams at Craighead Forest Park. Teams will compete for points based on how many shots they make to the target.

Easy to understand and enjoyable for both beginners and professionals.

This program has a spring and a fall registration period. The current registration window will close at 11:59 pm on April 11.