Bridal “Tennis Necklace” in Diamonds

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A diamond tennis necklace is a beautiful statement piece of jewelry that every woman should own. These necklaces are elegant, stylish and fashionable, making them ideal for formal events where you want to shine.

Tennis Necklace Benefits

While we’re all familiar with diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces, not many people are aware of diamond tennis chains. These necklaces can be called many things: diamond eternity necklaces, diamond line necklaces or just diamond necklaces.

A diamond line necklace is one type of necklace that consists of several diamonds strung together in a single line. A tennis necklace is an expensive, extravagant piece of jewelry because it requires more diamonds than a bracelet. This necklace instantly elevates your look, making it ready for the red carpet.

Tennis Necklace Styles and Settings

Prong settings are the most preferred option as they open spaces sports highlight diamonds and maximize brilliance. This 13.50 carat diamond graduated necklace shows how diamonds look in a diamond tennis necklace.

A bezel set tennis necklace is a stylish and secure option. It gives the necklace a modern and sleek look. Bezel settings are able to reduce the sparkle of diamonds but also hold them more securely. The metal frames that are used to frame the diamonds make the necklace look sleeker and more integrated into the design. This is the case with this 4 carat bezel set necklace.

Necklace of graduated diamond tennis tennis

A graduated diamond tennis necklace begins with a large central stone. The central stone is flanked on each side by smaller diamonds that gradually decrease in size. This creates a dramatic look that emphasizes the front of your necklace and draws the eye to your face.

This classic tennis necklace is made up of uniform diamonds that have been carefully selected and matched according their size, color, and clarity. The diamonds are then expertly crafted to form a line with no one stone standing out. This style is similar to most diamond tennis bracelets.

A diamond tennis necklace is a great choice

A diamond tennis necklace, unlike a bracelet, is a very expensive piece of jewelry. It’s not something you would wear while running errands. We recommend a solitaire pendant if you are looking for an everyday diamond necklace.

Affordable Alternatives to the Diamond Tennis Necklace

Although diamond tennis necklaces are expensive, there are sometimes more affordable options. You don’t have to spend thousands on a necklace that you only wear once or twice a year. Instead, opt for a more affordable option like this stunning cubic zirconia sterling-silver necklace. It is almost impossible to see that this necklace is not a diamond one.

Tennis Necklaces for Sale

The most important thing you should look for when purchasing a diamond tennis necklace, is that the diamonds are perfectly matched and uniform and that the setting has been expertly crafted.