Guide To PGA Golf Betting

If you’re brand new to golf betting or have only been betting on golf casually previously, this guide on golf betting is ideal for you. Follow us as we guide you through the basics by breaking down the different kinds of golf betting and setting out our best golf betting strategies.

What are PGA Outright and Futures Bets?

The betting on outrights or futures is perhaps the most popular method for bettors on sports to gain an edge in professionally-run golf competitions. Similar to betting on the team you believe will be victorious in this year’s Super Bowl or World Series the golf outright or futures bet predicts the golfer who will win a specific golf tournament.

In contrast to other sports that offer futures and other sports, you will not have to wait for the entire season, including playoffs, before you can cash out. It is possible to place your bet on the Wednesday prior to the golf event and take out your money on Sunday following finishing the round. For major tournaments, such as those of the Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship you can wager on the winners ahead of time.

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Tips to bet on golf futures and outrights

We now have a better understanding of what golf outrights as well as the futures of golf are, we have a few golf betting strategies to think about before you make your choices.

Golf odds can be found at the legitimate, U.S. sportsbooks

It’s the same for any type of betting on sports However, for futures betting specifically, make it the habit of checking for golf odds using all the legal sportsbooks available to you. Golf odds vary greatly between the sportsbooks and next. A wager of $10 can be able to pay $60 at one book and $85 on another. The odds of shopping can determine whether you’re a winning losing golf betting bettor over the long run.

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Timing is everything.

In the same way it is important to make your bets timed. Similar to how the Wall Street trader wants to buy low and sell at a high price anyone betting on golf to earn a profit must analyze and determine the best time to place bets on certain golfers. Some golfers could be betting early when odds are released. Others, it may be waiting for the public funds to arrive and then locking in your bet prior to the golf event.

Accept the differences

As with other sports more than other sports, golf is one that has a lot of variation and there is a difference in a great round and a poor one can be as small as four shots. where the winner is usually decided through a mix of luck breaks, favorable tee time (weather) and hot streaks of putting which aren’t always predictably. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to find an edge. The most successful sports bettors take advantage of variability and take advantage of uncertainty. There’s no sport that this is more so than golf.

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Do not touch the chalk.

One method to take advantage of variation is to stay clear of playing with chalk i.e. those who are the preferred players. Particularly in tournaments with a high profile the public purse is heavily flooded with money for famous golfers or those with a good golf history (more on this later) even when they’re not in their best condition. People who are casual bettors like to bet upon Tiger Woods and other big golfers in tournaments. It is, however, difficult to see any value in these golfers since sportsbooks tend to make them look less likely to win when they anticipate a large amount of money from a certain golfer.

Find out the next big thing before the data is available

It’s not that it wouldn’t be lucrative to bet on certain favorites such as McIlroy and Rahm should you have been betting them for the long run. They are the most popular players for a reasonthey have 44 wins in professional golf! However, take a look at the odds on golf of their first wins. McIlroy won his first major victory on the PGA Tour by winning 50/1 long shot. We’ve seen youngsters like Scottie Scheffler, and Collin Morikawa come onto the PGA Tour and create all kinds of excitement as rookies.

Recognizing golfers who are in the ascendency

Many of the golfers listed above have been successful both as amateurs as well as during college. Some took years to get used to Tour life and competitiveness before they were able to win, however certain golfers were quick to reach their first goal. Some are notable for their youth and outstanding pedigree/amateur feats.

Bet on the leader of the first round

Betting on the first-round leader (FRL) is the most similar to an ordinary outright bet but that the victor (at least in terms of betting) will be determined by golfer who has least scores at close of Round 1. If you are planning to place your bets on the first round leader, you must to check the weather forecast. If a chilly afternoon is forecast limit your bets to golfers who have early morning Tee times.

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Beware of multi-way market

A worrying trend is taking place in sportsbooks and golf betting bettors should be aware and watch out for. Certain shops are changing two-way markets, like head-to head golf matchups to multi-way markets. In the normal scenario, a tie result in a push the odds are now in favor of the sportsbooks when you decide to place your bets on golfers. Find the two-way market.

Golf props

Prop betting on golf isn’t as well-known as it is with basketball or football. There are usually props that indicate whether there will be a playoff or if a golfer is likely to be able to make a hole-in one. In major tournaments, sportsbooks expand their props menus to include choices such as who will be the lowest amateur? What will happen to the most successful golfer in X country? To bet on the season-long props, you are usually able to bet the amount of majors the best golfers will take home throughout the year.