Use composites to make Canadian-Made “hockey sticks”

Composite materials are used in many Canadian industries over the years. Composite materials have been used in a variety hockey sticks of Canadian industries, including the manufacturing of hockey equipment.

Benefits of composite materials for Canadian-manufactured Hockey Sticks

In 1999, composite materials were used for the first time to make hockey sticks. Composite hockey sticks made in Canada have been a staple of professional hockey leagues all over the world, including the National Hockey League.

The Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick from Canada-based CCM Hockey is a great example of a modern composite hockeystick. The composites enable this stick to have two energy-storing points. These are also known as kick points. Two kick points allow the player to shoot the puck faster and more accurately without losing target lightness or durability.

Hockey sticks made of composite materials have many other advantages. These benefits include:

  • Increase the energy stored by a player’s stick swing
  • Higher resistance to breaking from impacts with the Ice
  • Significantly increased stick shaft and blade durability
  • Sticks made from wood are 35 percent lighter than those made of bamboo

Composites will continue to be the preferred material for Canadian hockey stick makers for many years due to all these and other advantages.

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Hockey Stick Length

Before you start reading this article, ensure you have the right size hockey stick for your age group. You should not cut your sticks or add butt ends to your stick until you have the right size for your age and size. This article will help people who already have the correct size hockey stick in terms shaft dimensions but not necessarily for their play style.

When I first started playing hockey, my hockey sticks were always the same length as when I bought them. This is a bad idea. I remember sharp football using very long sticks when I first learned how to play. You will not be able to develop as a player if you use a stick that is too long. This post will cover a few different ways people cut their hockey sticks. I’ll also post pictures and links to other sources so you can get other opinions about the length of your stick.