Romelu Lukaku is the Final Piece in Chelsea’s Jigsaw

This summer has seen some amazing transfers. Three of the most prominent movers this summer are Jadon Sancho to Manchester United, Lionel Messi and Jack Grealish.

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PSG has done some remarkable business this summer. They added Gigi Donnarumma and Sergio Ramos to their roster without having to pay a transfer fee. The entry into the transfer window for Champions League winners Chelsea has been just as impressive.

A spectacular summer for the blues.

They are often accused of spending excessively to support Roman Abramovich, the Russian oligarch who owns them, but their dealings with Thomas Tuchel, their German boss, seem to have been savvy and measured. To reduce competition for places, several fringe players such as Victor Moses, Fikayo Tomori and Olivier Giroud have left the club. A tidy sum of 75million euros has been generated by the permanent departures of these players.

These transfers also opened the door to Romelu Lukaku’s arrival at Stamford Bridge, where he paid a huge fee of 115 millions euros. You can’t help but be impressed by Chelsea’s summer transfer deals.

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As players return to normal life, despite the huge transfer fees and lower club revenues, some transfer fees have dropped. Things are not likely to change in the coming months, or even longer, as new variants force governments to limit who can attend matches and lower gate fees. Sponsorship with betting sites and companies such as the ones here has been a major way for clubs to raise funds. Chelsea recently signed a deal with Parimatch which will no doubt bring in much-needed funds for the club’s operations.

It is possible that Chelsea will change their business strategies as they struggle to make a profit and increase their reserves for player signings. Chelsea, like many premier league clubs, will likely seek to improve their live streaming agreements with tv stations. This is because fewer people are comfortable watching matches in person, due to the ever-present covid threat. 2022 was a terrible year for UK football clubs. Virtually all games were closed to fans during the majority of the year. This continued into 2022 as clubs chose to put public health over profit.

Despite all the efforts and abundance of vaccines, Covid19 numbers are on the rise in the lead up to Christmas. It looks like there will be more restrictions to this beautiful game.

The return of the King.

Lukaku was adamant that he would leave Chelsea to join Everton in 2014. Jose Mourinho didn’t believe that Lukaku would reach his full potential despite his impressive Premier League loan spells at West Bromwich Albion (where he scored a hatful) and Everton (where he scored a slew of goals), however. Before Lukaku signed for Inter Milan, the Portuguese manager was wrong after five years of success at Everton (and Manchester United)

Lukaku wasn’t always a playable player during his time at Old Trafford. However, many fans felt frustrated by his inability to keep his cool when he was on the goal line. At Inter Milan, he was under Antonio Conte’s stewardship. In a team hoping to win the first Scudetto in 2010, great emphasis was placed on the development of the Belgian.

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Lukaku was the center of an extremely talented team. He spearheaded their attacks with Lautaro Martinez, as anyone who saw him during his two seasons at Inter knows. Lukaku was the undisputed king in Serie A. Inter won the title of champions in his second season. Zlatan Ibrahimovic might disagree. His rise to fame in Italy convinced Tuchel that Lukaku could be everything Jose Mourinho believed he couldn’t be, the perfect striker for filling the gap left by Didier Drogba.

The final piece of Tuchel’s puzzle.

Few people could have imagined that Frank Lampard would be dismissed as Chelsea’s new manager in 2019, the same way his predecessors. His ruthless approach in appointing and firing managers is not something that has been appreciated since Abramovich arrived on the Bridge. Lampard was able to bring some young talent into the first team, most notably Mason Mount. However, his inexperience and poor performance on the pitch saw him leave the club quickly.

Chelsea fans were not convinced when he was replaced with Thomas Tuchel, a progressive German coach. Even though he had a lot of wealth, Tuchel failed to win the Champions League crown at PSG. While his additions to Chelsea’s squad, such as Edouard Mendy and Timo Werner, have made a huge difference and helped them win the Champions League, there is still a gaping hole at the Bridge in the number nine spot.

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Tuchel will almost be certain that Romelu Lukaku is the ready-made replacement to Didier Drogba. Even though Diego Costa, Olivier Giroud and Gonzalo Higuain tried hard, the Ivorian talisman couldn’t be replaced. Lukaku’s goal-scoring and pedigree are all reasons why Tuchel will be happy to show that he is the last piece of his puzzle and will hope to challenge for the Premier League title.