Terence Crawford vs Errol Spencer: It’s time to make it happen…

OddsCritic examines a possible superfight between Terence Crawford Jr. and Errol Spence Jr., which could take place by the end this year.

Crawford vs Spence – It’s time to make it happen…

Terence Crawford vs Errol Spencer Jr., for all the welterweight marmalades, by 2022. It’s the ultimate dream.

It’s the hope that kills you in big-time boxing. How many times have we believed a massive fight was just around the corner? Then it all falls apart.

Superfight blocking is over

We are not going to get into Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. Let’s talk about the most important fight in boxing right now.

Both Crawford and Spence are undefeated world champions, and at the height of their great powers. They no longer support different broadcast networks and promoters.

‘Bud’ (38)-0, with 29 wins within distance, saw his contract with Bob Arum’s Top Rank expire with the stoppage of Shawn Porter at Las Vegas last November. Spence is now his free agent.

Crawford, on the other hand (28-0 with 22 within distance), is aligned to Al Haymon’s PBC TV network Showtime.

In the past, it was suggested that ego could also be a hindrance to this bout happening. However, Spence recently softened his stance in an interview with Showtime. Significantly.

He stated that it was a difficult fight for us both. There are no stumbling stones. It is what I want. It is his wish. He got one belt, I got three belts. This is the only belt I have to be undisputed world welterweight champion. This is something I have always fought for, and we will get it done.

There are no better odds than this

Check out the odds to find out how close this fight will be. Sky Bet would place Spence as a slight favorite at 4/5 with Crawford Evens. Literally, pick ’em territory.

We all know that time is not a friend and that the moment to win this epic showdown is now. Crawford will be turning 35 this year. Spence is 32. This fight will be the biggest ever.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao was the last PPV purchase in U.S. Boxing history. It finally took place in 2015. The bout was disappointing, but it wasn’t bad at all. Just imagine what it would have been like when the two men had destroyed everyone five years prior in 2010.

Both Crawford and Spence are worthy members of any P4P Top 10, as they hold all the belts at Welterweight. They are the greatest match that can be had right now.