“WWE Bleacher” will Benefit from Dual-Branded

WWE is making a major change to its pay per view format. This could be a positive move for the company.

WrestlingInc issued an official statement regarding its future PPV schedule. The most significant change was that there will be no single-brand PPVs starting in May 2018. All future WWE PPVs will feature both Raw and SmackDown matches, beginning with Backlash May 6th. wwe bleacher has also removed two events from their PPV schedule. This means that there will be only 12 total PPVs for this year.

More Title Matches on Televised Television

You’re sure to notice at most one major change in WWE’s weekly programming when the dual-branded shows return if you watch Raw or SmackDown.

Bryan Alvarez, Wrestling Observer (h/t Ringside News), stated that WWE Bleacher will have “more title matches on weekly TV shows moving forward” due to its PPV revamp. With nine main roster champions, WWE doesn’t want PPVs to be almost exclusively about title matches. Therefore, Raw and Smackdown will have more championship matches.

WWE Bleacher better attendance

WWE Bleacher clearly didn’t like the single-brand PPV format.

According to WWE’s Key Performance indicators, second and ten football the average live event attendance fell to its lowest point in the past three years in Q3 2017. This was despite Raw hosting its No Mercy PPV in Septembermeber featuring John Cena and Brock Lesnar. This is a stark drop in attendance from the 6,110 averaged in 2016, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, February 19, 2017.

WWE Bleacher Network Subscribers

WWE Network subscribers aren’t growing at the rate WWE expected.

Although WWE has added more PPVs to its single-brand format show format, the wwe bleacher Network subscriber number has remained relatively constant over the years. It peak at Wrestlemania in early Q2 before dropping off for the remainder of the year.

Less expense

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter dated February 19, 2019, WWE’s single-brand PPVs led to more expenses but very little revenue.

The report shows that the WWE Bleacher Network subscribers did not increase due to the addition of PPVs. It also showed that only slightly more revenue was generated by the live streams. The bottom line is that WWE spent more money to make slightly less money. However, the additional expenses associated with producing a few more PPVs each season were not offset by the increased revenue from the live gates.